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School culture is a top priority for most school leaders. But what does a platform for school culture look like?

It looks like LiveSchool. Here, you'll explore how you can build, improve, and measure culture with behavior tracking.
LiveSchool pop up screen from the app that shows when students earn points and makes a ding sound.LiveSchool rubric showing all students in a class and the points they have received

LiveSchool Overview

We know you're busy, and exploring new technology tools is time consuming. Here's a 5-minute demo of LiveSchool that'll tell you the most important things you need to know about the platform.

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How to Build School Culture with Points

LiveSchool's customer community believes positive student behavior comes from the right school culture, which taps into each student’s inherent drive to achieve through intrinsic and extrinsic incentives. This is how they achieve that vision.

1. Setting the LiveSchool Rubric

With the LiveSchool rubric, schools create an easy-to-navigate list of behavior they want to recognize and encourage in students.  
They also choose whether or not to to subtract points for certain behaviors.
The rubric is school-wide, which means all staff are working together to direct students toward these behaviors. And students always know what's expected of them.
Culture starts with consistency.

2. Giving Points

Once the rubric is live, your staff can start giving points. And by staff, we mean all staff because culture-building involves everyone! Our partner schools often include office admins, custodians, bus drivers - and more.
Points happen in three clicks on your phone, tablet, or computer.
Points help incentivize those behaviors you want represented in your culture, and they create a reason for students to be recognized for living your school's values.
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I’ve been in education 14 years, and I’ve never seen a program work as well. Y’all have really met the need of schools doing PBIS...To have this tool, which is so user friendly, is a game changer.
David Herndon, Peeples Middle School's Principal

3. Rewarding Students

The best part of points is what they add up to. LiveSchool customers run two different reward systems: a School Store and/or House Points.

School Store

Schools use LiveSchool as a digital cash register. The platform automatically deducts the point cost of what students buy from their total.
The items in the school store – and the points they cost – are up to the school
We've seen Takis, pencils, free dress passes, school event tickets, and even Kindles.

House Points

With House Points, students are broken into different groups called Houses.
What the Houses are named and who is in them are up to our schools.
As students receive points individually, their points are automatically added to the House total.
Our schools set up TVs in hallways with the House dashboard to keep students motivated, build camaraderie in the houses, and give all students the opportunity to shine even if they aren't the school sport star.
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House Points has been so successful in our building. The students love the competition, and it creates good discussion points in our House meetings.
Marcy Patterson, Parchment North Elementary's Principal

4. Communicating with Parents

Many of our schools opt into our weekly Recap email to parents and students, which sends a running point total, what student received points for, and any comments provided by teachers.
It's like a positive phone call home that's a lot quicker for your team, and we know how important those parent-teacher interactions are to student growth and school culture-building.

5. Reporting on Culture

What students are receiving points for, who is giving points, what behaviors are the most frequent and infrequent...
All of this is tracked in LiveSchool's Insights dashboard.
Our partner schools use this data to benchmark areas for growth in school culture and measure progress.
LiveSchool gives them the ability to recognize what behaviors are amplifying their school culture, how much staff is bought into this work, and where growth is possible toward a more engaging culture.
Measure school culture so that you can manage it.
Insights report in LiveSchool showing positive and negative points over a given time period on a graph, as well as the positive to negative point ratio
School Overview Report
Liveschool rewards store report
Most Popular Rewards
Top Positive & Negative Behaviors
timeline report in LiveSchool which shows all recently logged student behaviors, their point values, where they occurred, and who input them, as well as any comments they left
Timeline Report
LiveSchool student report
Student Scorecards

The LiveSchool Impact

Our partner school's drive tangible results using LiveSchool to build their school culture.
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LiveSchool has significantly reduced our discipline issues. We have seen a boost in morale for the students and interest in making good choices. The biggest selling point for me is the AWESOME customer support. Thank you for all that you do!
Dawn Pressley, Kingsway Elementary's Behavior Specialist

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