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Teachers love LiveSchool. They love that it's easy for them, and motivating for students. They love that kids see continuity through the day, no matter which teacher they're with.

Ashley Croft, Principal
Edison School of the Arts
Indiana, USA

LiveSchool lets teachers reinforce behavior in every lesson

Challenge №1

Disjointed systems leave every teacher on an island


The LiveSchool platform provides a unique balance of school-wide consistency and classroom flexibility.
Administrators know that teachers are using a consistent, school-wide behavior rubric to reinforce students, document behaviors, and share parent feedback.

Challenge №2

Teachers spend their valuable energy reinventing the wheel


LiveSchool takes the guesswork out of creating a classroom management system. Teachers can get started quickly with tools like:

  • Awarding points to students from any device.
  • Projecting a classroom screen to get students engaged.
  • Recording comments to coach students and keep parents in the loop.
  • Building relationships with students through reviewing their progress.
Challenge №3

Data on student progress is hard to come by


With LiveSchool, the points you record are automatically tallied into insights you can use for productive parent conferences, grade team meetings, and more.
The points you award students become a rich source of data on student progress and teacher reflection.

Challenge №4

Classroom management focuses too much on consequences


Research has shown that a ratio of at least 4:1 positive reinforcement to correction is effective in changing student behavior.
LiveSchool makes it both easy and fun for teachers to engage in this best practice throughout the class period. Students and teachers come to love the “ding” of awarding points.
An easy-to-use tool for teachers means more positive reinforcement for students.

Classroom behavior
management tools

Points Tracking

Your staff awards points instantly, and anywhere, with your customized school-wide rubric.

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House Points

Assign your teams. Pick your names. Set your colors. And let the games begin!

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Rewards Store

Build an online rewards store that’s so simple your students can run it.

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Drill down your data from campuses to classrooms to individual students.

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Families get a weekly email with their student’s behavior summary, so you’re all on the same team.

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District Dashboard

District-wide data with school-level drilldown for usage, behaviors, and goals.

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Make behavior self-sufficient in every classroom

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Why this Principal replaced their paper system with LiveSchool

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Customize your school points system with a rubric

Your team sets expectations in a consistent school-wide rubric so your teachers are always on the same page. Literally.

Award points instantly, from classroom to cafeteria

Award points to students in hallways, classrooms, and the cafeteria using the LiveSchool app.

See real-time data from
across your building

Get a real-time, filterable feed of activity across your school. Set points goals for teachers. Recognize your top points awarding teachers.

A weekly email for
better feedback

Each week, your students and parents will receive a LiveSchool Recap. With one click, they can access points, comments, point balance, and more!

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Bring classroom expectations to life across the campus

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