Track, Reward,
& Improve Behavior

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Track, Reward,
& Improve Behavior

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Once you start using it it becomes second nature. You will be amazed at how much the students buy into it and how much parents like being able to see daily updates!
Reagan Allegri, Assistant Principal in Kansas City, MO

Behavior Tracking, Made Easy

Track points, demerits, & comments from any device.
LiveSchool's Behavior Points App Shows on a Desktop with a Comment Being AddedAn iPad shows LiveSchool's behavior tracking app with a few students selected on screen.An iPhone shows' LiveSchool's points app with a school-wide behavior rubric shown on screen.

Customize your categories, then start tracking behavior from your phone, tablet, computer, and smartboard.

Unlike free tools like ClassDojo, LiveSchool provides simple tools for school-wide setup, data tracking, and rewards systems.

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Aligned with leading behavior interventions

  • ✓ PBIS
  • ✓ CHAMPs
  • ✓ MTSS
  • ✓ RTI

Track Behavior Together

Points add up from all teachers.
A teacher's profile picture
Ms. Thompson
ELA Teacher
A second teacher's profile picture
Mr. Johnson
Math Teacher
A third teacher's profile picture
Mr. Williams
Special Education
A fourth teacher's profile picture
Mrs. Adams

Communicate with Students and Parents

A phone shows LiveSchool's parent app with a child's behavior history shown - showing multiple positive points and behavior comments

Feedback for Families

Students and parents can use LiveSchool from their phone, tablet, or laptop to view behavior feedback from all teachers. When you record a comment, it will be instantly visible to the student and their parents. And parents with multiple students have just one login to view all feedback!

A phone shows LiveSchool's student and parent app showing the rewards available in the school's rewards store, and how many points the student needs to earn each reward

Market Your Rewards System!

Just like in the real world, it takes a bit of marketing to get people excited to make a "purchase." LiveSchool helps you market your rewards by showing students and their parents a menu of available rewards. The app will even tell students how many more points they need to earn a specific reward!

A "Weekly Paycheck" piece of paper shows an example student's behavior history for the week - with overview graphs and charts, and a behavior history with the points the student earned this week.

Send Home Weekly Paychecks

Students love to receive their weekly "paycheck." You can customize paychecks to show the student's earnings for the week, graphs and charts of progress, and even the specific behaviors and comments recorded by all teachers. Download a Sample.

Create a Rewards Store

Show students that hard work is worth it!

List Rewards for Purchase

Simply add a reward name and price to list a new school store item, event, and more.


Students Make their Picks

Students can view available rewards in the student app and track how many points to go!


Celebrate with Students!

Charge students when they purchase a reward and their bank account will be updated.

Create a House Points System

A phone shows Points in LiveSchool, while a computer shows House Points. As points are awarded to students on the phone, the House Dashboard updates automatically.

How It Works

Sort students by homeroom or grade
Student points add to their house total
Display a real-time dashboard with sounds
Print ready-made posters to show totals
Celebrate winners and start fresh!
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Data to Improve Behavior

LiveSchool gives you a real-time picture of your school, students, and team.
A laptop shows LiveSchool's School Dashboard - showing an overview of the school's behavior data, with a breakdown of the top positive and negative students, behaviors, and teachers for the whole school.

Student, Staff, and School Dashboards

Instantly access printable dashboards that are perfect for student conferences, staff coaching, and PBIS committee meetings.

Instant Access to Documentation

Drill down to get the specifics.

View Specific Incidents in Seconds

Need to view all  this week? All the students who purchased a  ticket? All  today? Use a category filter to pull all the records that meet your criteria.

LiveSchool's Timeline using a filter to show every instance of a specific behavior

Printable Student History

View all the feedback recorded for a specific student. You can combine a student drill-down with other filters for custom reports. For instance, view all the instances where James got Detention this semester.

LiveSchool's Timeline using a filter to show every behavior a specific student has earned.

See All Feedback You've Recorded

Review the points, demerits, and rewards you have recorded and undo any mistakes. Add other filters to see what records given for a specific student or category.

LiveSchool's Timeline using a filter to show every behavior a specific teacher has recorded.

Go School-wide

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