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A School-Wide Alternative to ClassDojo

LiveSchool's points system and community-building tools are the easiest way for schools to create and sustain positive culture.

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From Classroom Management to School Culture Management

If you have tried ClassDojo, you know the benefits of having an electronic behavior tracker. But you might be stuck tracking your rewards using behavior tickets, clipboards, and other old-fashioned tools.

LiveSchool is an easy, web-based app for tracking behavior reinforcement as a team. With a simple set-up process for your entire school, LiveSchool is a great alternative to ClassDojo.

1 in 3

...LiveSchool customers are former ClassDojo users. Why did they switch?

  • Simple, school-wide setup process
  • Track students from class to class!
  • Built in "bank accounts" and rewards
  • Real, live phone, email, and chat support

Read on to learn how LiveSchool works!

Got PBIS Data?

ClassDojo leaves your team without the data you need to track trends and measure improvement. It's hard to keep your system consistent when data is scattered across individual classroom accounts.

LiveSchool is a school-wide program that provides data at the student, teacher, and school levels. Want to learn more? Download Our Brochure

LiveSchool is a ClassDojo Alternative for Your Team

Track behavior, manage rewards, and measure school progress

A Single Timeline of Behaviors Recorded by All Teachers

Behavior improvement takes teamwork. LiveSchool makes behavior transparent between all teachers and administrators. With a click, you can see how a student is doing in another teacher's class.

LiveSchool's Timeline using a filter to show every instance of a specific behavior

Say Goodbye to Tickets

LiveSchool has a built-in rewards system! Watch student "bank accounts" rise as you award points. When it's time to run your store, use our built in "cash register" to charge students for rewards.

Instant Access to School Trends

Unlike ClassDojo, LiveSchool combines all of your data into a big picture. Track how many points each teacher is giving out, view your top students, and more!

How LiveSchool and ClassDojo Stack Up

School Features
Simple School Setup
Sync Your SIS
School Behavior Rubric
Built-in Rewards Store
Unique Students
Track Teacher Trends
School Data Dashboard
School Data Exports
Family Features
Parent App
Student App
View Teacher Feedback
Teacher → Parent Messages
Parent → Teacher Messages
View Reward Store Items
Student Bank Accounts
Weekly Paycheck Reports
Classroom Features
iOS and Android Apps
Multi-Select Student
Behavior Location
Select Random Student
Pricing & Support
Phone Support
Email Support
Free for Teachers?
Pilot Available on Request
School Pricing

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LiveSchool is a school-wide platform to track, reward and improve behavior.
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