Build School Spirit with House Points

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Instantly Track House Points Together

LiveSchool makes it easy to give points and tally team scores automatically. Our real-time dashboard updates the entire school on who's earned a point and for what.
LiveSchool's House Points Dashboard automatically tallies points given to students and adds them to Houses

Watch House Points in Action

Check out this video and get a glimpse of what you can do with House Points!

Top Reasons for a House System

Student Camaraderie
Students share a goal with their teammates, helping bridge gaps between friend groups and grades. Each student feels included as they are celebrated for earning points for their team.
Student/Teacher Relationships
Students and teachers connect over a common goal. Schools hold House Meetings (some discuss SEL topics) to help Houses grow closer as a team, and many even say, as a family.
Teacher Buy-In
Houses create communities for teachers to share ideas and connect across subject areas and grades. Teachers have fun, making them more likely to give points consistently, which, in turn, makes your school a more positive place.

A Quick Demo of House Points

Get a sense for how House Points works in this 4 minute demo

Launch House Points in 3 Simple Steps

Create Teams

Upload a list of pre-assigned teams, choose teams in the app, or let LiveSchool sort students randomly

Award Points

Use LiveSchool to automatically track points, making it simple to run your House Points system

Display Dashboard

Display the dashboard in hallways, the front office, or classrooms, to keep students engaged!

House Points Pricing

Simple pricing based on number of users 
A user is any teacher, administrator, or other school staff with a LiveSchool login.
We are working on making our pricing better for individual teachers. If pricing doesn't work for you right now, please click on "Get on Waitlist" below so we can follow up once we have new pricing!


10 to 25 staff*

per staff user/year

  • Training
  • Support


26 to 50 staff

per staff user/year

  • Training
  • Support


51 to 60 staff

per staff user/year

  • Training 
  • Support


61+ staff

site license

  • Training 
  • Support
*Minimum subscription: $490/year (10 staff users).
Pricing shown is for House Points only