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A new LiveSchool is here and you'll never want to look back

The next generation of LiveSchool is here! It’s the experience you know – but faster, easier, and more fun!
Liveschool Team
March 10, 2021

Let’s be honest: running a classroom is HARD work. Every second counts. You’re constantly on the move. Your technology should never slow you down. It has to be reliable. It has to help you create an engaging environment for students.

Simply put, teachers deserve the best user experience, period. That’s why we listened to LiveSchool teachers all over the world and looked for all the ways we could make our software even better. We’re excited to share that the new LiveSchool -- available now for all users -- is:

Take it from our beta testers — they love the new LiveSchool:

Want to know why we built a new experience? Read a letter from our CEO to learn about our process for building and iterating the new teacher app. And read on for details about the dozens of enhancements you’ll find.

The new LiveSchool app is way faster 

The new LiveSchool app (available for web, iOS, and Android) is 60% faster, and more reliable. We made huge improvements under the hood to give you the performance you need in the classroom.

Beyond the technical speed improvement, we've made the new LiveSchool even more user-friendly than before with new time-saving features and shortcuts that make it easier to use LiveSchool during instruction. In the new app, you can...

Choose saved comments from a bank

Giving students feedback in the moment is one of the best ways to help them grow! Supplementing that feedback with a comment helps students reflect and keeps parents in the loop. It’s one of the fundamentals of LiveSchool! But, when we observed teachers using LiveSchool we noticed it takes time to write comments,  and most comments are the same every day. 

We built a comment bank to save you time! In the new experience, you can SAVE and REUSE a comment. Now you don’t have to choose between adding meaningful feedback and running your classroom. Learn more over on the blog post – Typing the same comment over and over is so 2019.

Hide Categories you don’t use

Sharing a school wide rubric helps everyone work towards the same goals – not to mention data is shared across classrooms! But, one downside to the shared school rubric are the few categories that just don’t apply to your classroom. Scrolling past them every time you reward points can be a hassle. In the new experience, you can now hide the categories you never use and save yourself time!

Charge more than one reward

A rewards store is the foundation of PBIS and it is a great way to build buy-in with students. For eight years, LiveSchoolers have been running stores and running into the same problem: a student gets to the front of the line to purchase three pencils and STOP! The teacher now has to click the student, click the reward, and click “Submit” 3 times in a row to charge the student. That slows you way down. In the new experience, students can purchase 3 pencils, 2 notepads, and 4 life-savers and you can charge them all at once! Hallelujah! 

Access data when you need it to drive better outcomes

Using data to inform student celebrations and support is the secret sauce of LiveSchool, so we've taken our beloved Insights features and integrated them throughout the teacher experience. With one click, you can now lead class celebrations, grade-level meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and more with rich data reports!

Student and Class Dashboard

A lot of our grade teams use Check In Check Out (CICO) as part of their Tier II intervention with students. We recommend using the Student Dashboard in the morning to set goals with your CICO kids. At check-in, you can look at Yesterday, This Week, and even Year to Date to make a goal for the day based on data. At check-out, show the Student Dashboard on the screen to reflect with students on how today went! Did it go well? High five!

If you are looking to incorporate a little joy into your end-of-day routine, shout out your top earners before dismissal using the Class Dashboard! LiveSchool automatically populates the top five earners for you. Read out your top five earners that day, give them a round of applause, and send your class on their way! Learn more over on the blog post – Spread joy and shout out your top five students with one click.

Student and Class Timeline

One of the best outcomes of a school-wide system is helping teachers identify students who need help. With Timeline, teachers can check on students before class starts. Did someone receive a lot of demerits last period? A teacher can now implement an intervention strategy like pulling the student aside to have a quick one-on-one. LiveSchool helps you check on what happened before a class begins so that everyone is set up for success.

Image showing all of the behaviors recorded by a single teacher for a single class

Customize student points by time

The purpose of a digital points system is having data at your fingertips. Your school’s points system works best when you can see how many points a student has beyond just today. You want to quickly show them weekly trends, monthly trends, and year-to-date trends.  

You can now change the time-frame with one click and easily answer the question, “How many points do I have?" Quick tip: throw LiveSchool up on the board at the end of each class period so students can see their point totals for themselves. And, see below for how you can hide demerits when projecting to keep things positive! 

Display options

What students see impacts how engaged they are in your class routines. You can now make students’ buttons bigger or smaller on any device! If you are projecting, students will see their name on the board! And when you are not projecting, make it easier to give points by making student names small enough to fit on one screen. 

Do you call students by their last names? No problem! Sort your students by last name.

Quick tools to engage students in class routines

As former teachers, we've run into the logistical challenges each school day brings, and we don't want LiveSchool to be one of them. The new LiveSchool is full of fun new class tools you can use to engage your students throughout class routines like the pro that you are.

Transition timer, stopwatch, and calculator

Managing your time in the classroom with a timer is one of the best pro-teacher moves. It ensures that the lesson stays on pace and students appreciate that every moment is critical. There are a million timers, stopwatches, and calculators out there (hello iPhone) but, wouldn’t it be cool if these tools were in the app you have on your projector all day? 

That’s why we built them. We spiced up a traditional timer by adding cool features like music and a minimize option. Keep everyone on track and have fun!  

A fair, random student selector

It’s the random student selector you know and love, but with a facelift! Ditch the popsicle sticks and have the LiveSchool random student selector pick your next volunteer. Your students can watch along as a “random” student is chosen on the screen – little do they know, LiveSchool is keeping track of who has been picked so everyone gets a turn! Hot tip – need to speed up the selection process? Click anywhere on the screen and the selector will go in double time! 

Auditory cues

Ding! Auditory cues help steer students back to learning, encourage students toward more positive behaviors, or discreetly stop unwanted behavior with minimal disruption. In the new LiveSchool, give points from anywhere (including your phone or tablet) and it’ll sound on any device. Here are some benefits to using auditory cues in the classroom: 

Support in real-time, from real people

At LiveSchool, teachers are our number one priority. We believe you – the teachers – should get the same level of support that a district contact or administrator typically gets from other companies. Got a question? Our amazing support team is here to help. Click the Help button in the LiveSchool app and ask a real person for assistance anytime you need help.

And now that we are friends, we want to share all the awesome ideas that we hear from other LiveSchool users. Look out for those ideas in your email and chat!

See it now!

The new LiveSchool app is available for all users now. To see it, just log in!

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Liveschool Team

We believe positive student behavior comes from the right school culture. Do you?

Join a community of 1,000+ schools who use LiveSchool to improve their culture with school-wide points tracking.
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We believe positive classrooms come from the right school culture. Do you?

Join a community of 1,000+ schools who use LiveSchool to improve their classroom management with school-wide points tracking.
Get a Demo →

We believe positive student behavior comes from the right school culture. Do you?

Join a community of 1,000+ schools who use LiveSchool to improve their culture with school-wide points tracking.
Get a Demo →

We believe PBIS improves school culture. Do you?

Join a community of 1,000+ schools who use LiveSchool to improve their culture with PBIS.
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