March 4, 2020

A Letter from our CEO

A letter from our CEO about why we built a new LiveSchool experience for our teachers.
LiveSchool 101: Happy Teachers, Engaged Students, and Better Data

Believe it or not, LiveSchool didn’t start as a company.

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The idea for LiveSchool came when I was working in a Nashville middle school. I watched as my colleagues balanced their time between directly helping students – and juggling paperwork to track how students were doing.

LiveSchool started as a weekend project to give my colleagues a better way to track the paperwork for our behavior incentive system. Instead of paper tracking sheets, we’d record data on an iPad app. Instead of 2 hours compiling data each week, we’d press a button to get the reports we need.

That project has grown into a company serving over 1,000 schools in 12 countries. Over 365,000 students have received more than 80M pieces of feedback on the platform this school year alone. I’m proud of our team and thankful for the opportunity to serve your school.

In the past few years, we’ve launched new features like powerful Insights data reporting and House Points to create school-wide camaraderie. We have been inspired to watch as you’ve taken these new features and used them to do amazing things in your schools!

But we also have room to improve.

You may have received a survey from us asking “How likely are you to recommend LiveSchool?”. I’d like to share what you told us: 

Site Leaders – we are proud to be your trusted tool for school-wide data! Your school deserves world-class technology to manage your school improvement initiatives. That’s going to continue to drive everything we do.

But the data above was also a wake-up call. Teachers are the reason we created LiveSchool in the first place. Running a classroom is hard work, and you are multitasking all the time. We’ve heard loud and clear that you need an app experience that helps you run your classroom.

Teachers – LiveSchool is about to become faster, easier, and more fun to use.

Based on your feedback, we’ve developed a new app that…

  • Runs up to 60% faster, and is more stable
  • Gives you easy access to data on student and class progress
  • Engages your students in class routines with fun sounds, timers, and games

The best part – there’s nothing new to learn. All the major features you rely on will work the way you’re used to.

The new LiveSchool version is just the beginning of our commitment to supporting teachers. Teacher feedback will play a bigger role in how we prioritize features and improvements moving forward. And as a valued member of our community, every LiveSchool teacher will hear from us with helpful classroom tips and app updates.

Ready to learn more? Learn about the improved teacher experience.

Less paperwork, more teamwork!


Matt Rubinstein

Founder & CEO


Interested in LiveSchool?

Let's chat about how LiveSchool supports your positive school culture.

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