August 13, 2021

New at LiveSchool: A Streamlined Interface for Educators!

Learn more about our Summer 2021 product updates! We've simplified our buttons and clarified what they do in your classroom
LiveSchool 101: Happy Teachers, Engaged Students, and Better Data

This summer we cleaned up the buttons in LiveSchool and added clarification about what they do in your classroom.

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Why the update?

We've observed that the most powerful features of LiveSchool were often going overlooked. The reason: they were hidden behind a variety of small unlabeled buttons -- and not everyone is comfortable clicking new buttons in the middle of class. (Example: the "eyeball" button -- super-powerful, but only used by a small fraction of teachers!)

This update keeps all the features you're used to, but organizes the buttons into the top right and adds explanation for their purpose.

The More Menu

The "More Menu"

Most of the old buttons are now found in our new contextual More Menu. Click the three dots in the top right to open the More Menu.

This menu helps you see the appropriate options based on 1) the screen you're on and 2) the selections you've made. Said another way: if you have one student selected, you'll see only the actions you can take with that selection. If you have multiple students selected, your options will expand.

You'll see the More Menu adds descriptions about what each option in the menu does.

For example — from the More menu on the Points screen, you can:

  • Use the Randomizer to select a student at random
  • View the Timeline, which helps you view and undo points for the selected student(s). (Note for the veteran crowd — this is what the "eyeball" button used to do.)
  • View a Dashboard of behavior trends for the select student(s)
  • Change your Display Settings for the current view
  • Change the timeframe displayed for the current view
  • Open handy teacher tools, including the calculator, timer, and stopwatch.

New: Undo Points Immediately!

This update also includes an often requested change: an easier way to immediately undo points given in error without opening the Timeline view. Click the "undo" button on the following popup if you gave that point in error.


If you're confused about how this reorganization of buttons affects the common actions you take in LiveSchool, we've updated our Learn center with step-by-step details and animated examples. Check out the following:

In addition, here are a few quick common questions:

Is the "eyeball" button gone?

Not gone -- moved to the More menu and called by it's full name: Timeline! From the Points screen, select a student(s), click the three dots in the top right to open the More menu, and select Timeline.

Where's the comments button when giving points?

When you're giving points, check the top right when you're on the behaviors screen. You'll find an icon that looks like a speech bubble. Click that to add comments to the point.

How do I select a random student?

Click the three dots in the top right, then select the Randomizer button. Note: if you select a group of students first, then click the Randomizer button, LiveSchool will randomly select a student from that smaller group!

Questions? Contact Us

We tested this update extensively before the end of the 2020 school year and got great feedback from teachers — they loved how it clarified the purpose of each button, and they appreciated how it helped them discover tools they had previously missed (like The Randomizer!). We hope you'll love it, too.

If you have feedback or questions, contact us at and chat with our team.

Interested in LiveSchool?

Let's chat about how LiveSchool supports your positive school culture.

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