March 4, 2020

Spread joy and shout out your top five students with one click

Your class dashboard is now one click away so you can shout out your top five students and spread joy all day!
LiveSchool 101: Happy Teachers, Engaged Students, and Better Data

Data is powerful, but to get it when you want it is difficult while teaching. Now you can get the data you really want with one click!

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Using LiveSchool data to inform student celebrations and support is the secret sauce of LiveSchool, and we’ve made it easy to act on your data in seconds. In the new LiveSchool experience, we put the reports you love from Insights where you spend most of your time -- Points! Now you can lead class celebrations, grade-level meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and student one-on-ones with one click. 

The overall teacher view on my computer is great. I like the easy access to insights from the points tab. – Ms. Verhagen

Let’s learn a simple yet effective routine you can run every day that takes under 30 seconds! Intrigued? Keep reading, LiveSchooler! 

How to shout out your top five students 

Incorporate a little joy into your end of day routine -- shout out your top five earners at the end of each day using the class dashboard! LiveSchool automatically populates the top five earners for you.

All you have to do is:

  1. Click the Class Dashboard
  2. Shout out your top five earners
  3. Give them a round of applause

Positive feedback builds an inclusive culture in your classroom. By spending 30 seconds at the end of the day to celebrate your top students, you will create a team focused on celebrating hard work and practice being happy to others. 

Weekly rewards to celebrate top earners

Take your shout out one step further and give your top earners a reward! See below for some free or very cheap incentive ideas:  


  • Line up first for dismissal 
  • First picks for silent reading spots the next day
  • Stickers
  • Display top student names on your board or door
  • Give your top earners an extra point -- add a comment so their parents can see!
  • Tweet your top winners for the day 


  • Early release for lunch the next day 
  • In class homework time 
  • Small piece of candy
  • Erase a tardy 
  • In class device time 
  • Go to locker 5 minutes before dismissal  

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Launch a points system
Use LiveSchool to motivate your students with a points and rewards system, a sense of community, and unforgettable celebrations.

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