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15 Quick & Easy Virtual Prizes for Students

Virtual prizes and incentives for students are an integral part of this classroom management puzzle.
Katie Neumeier
April 4, 2022

Of all the skills influential teachers need to have, classroom management is probably the most important. As we continue to adjust and adapt to methods of learning in the virtual space, teachers are exploring every avenue of student engagement.

Relationship building has also changed in which teachers, especially virtual ones, are having to become even more creative in the ways that they are rewarding their students for their hard work and efforts. 

Virtual prizes and incentives that contribute to a PBIS system or token economy are an integral part of this classroom management puzzle. 

Why Use Virtual Prizes for Students?

Teachers who have strong classroom management and positive rapport with students use prizes to…

Virtual Prize Ideas

When considering what virtual prizes to offer, it is crucial to take into account the various types of learners you will have. With a variety of learners comes a need for diverse prize options. Let’s explore an assortment of virtual prize ideas to add to your teacher tool kit!

For the Book Worms & Explorers

Personalized or Private Read Aloud: 

Students choose a book for the teacher to read out loud to the entire class. This can also be modified by changing the audience from a whole class to smaller groups or individuals via breakout rooms. 

Virtual Field Trip

The perfect prize for students who are curious and learn best from experiences! 

These expeditions can be found through e-learning platforms such as Nearpod, through websites that have educational programs like National Geographic or Discovery Education, or popular destinations such as zoos or museums. 

Guided tours or personal interviews are also options, dependent on the type of excursion. 

Student Choice Awards 

In the virtual classroom or on the daily slide deck, students can earn a spot to display their favorite book, movie, or song! This prize can be given to multiple students and as often as you would like. 

virtual classroom example

For the Teacher Helpers 

Zoom Co-host aka “Teacher’s Helper”

This prize is for those students who are always on their A-game, keep you on your toes, and love to make sure everyone else is doing their job (you know which ones I am referring to). The Zoom co-host can help you manage the chat, ensure cameras are on, take attendance, support classmates, etc. This prize may require a bit of 1:1 training beforehand, but a little extra help is always needed in the virtual space!

Morning Meeting Leader

Students who earn this prize can help you plan and execute all the components of a typical morning meeting; greeting, share out, and activity. You can have them choose from several options or for more creative students, have them make up their very own. 

Brain Break

Everybody loves a brain break, especially when it gives you time to decompress and refocus before starting something new. 

Typical brain breaks last anywhere from 3-5 minutes and this prize will allow for students to choose a break from a premade list or lead their very own. Examples include dance parties, yoga, breathing strategies, or a short video.

For the Social Butterflies

Show & Tell

Kids of all ages enjoy sharing meaningful and exciting things about themselves with others, especially their friends and teachers. 

Winning this prize will allow students to show an item or two virtually and explain why it is important to them. Students could also be given the option to introduce their class to their pet(s). 

Game Time

This is a great prize for your more competitive and strategic students! In a breakout room or after school, students awarded this prize can play virtual games with their teacher. 

Due to the mass shift to the virtual space, there are tons of online gaming options to choose from. Favorites include bingo, scattergories, and chess!

Lunch with the Teacher (or Classmate)

Students can choose to have lunch with either their teacher or a classmate! This is typically done in a breakout space on Fridays, but there is a lot of freedom with how or when this prize is carried out. 

For the Energetics and Creatives  

Class Playlist

If there is one thing every class needs, it’s a good playlist! 

From dance party brain breaks to independent work time, we know students love a good song to jam to during the school day. This is a great prize option because the more students earn, the longer your playlist gets. 

There are also opportunities for students to get creative and produce their own original track using platforms like Chrome Music Lab. 

Virtual Talent Show

This prize is super fun, especially when multiple students earn and are ready to cash in their points for this opportunity. On a Friday or during a study hall, students can share any talent they have with their audience. 

Talents could range from dancing and singing to magic tricks and juggling. Talent shows are wonderful moments for students to share their talents and passions with their peers. 

Dance Party

A classic option for students who have a lot of energy and love to dance. This prize is best utilized when there are many students who are ready to celebrate together…nobody likes to dance alone. 

This prize can be hosted after school or on an off period and the rest is simple, turn on great music and dance!

For Anyone & Everyone

Digital Reward Tags & Stickers

This prize is an easy, instant gratification for any student that enjoys collecting and seeing all of their hard work in one spot. 

Free digital rewards or stickers can be found online or you can make your very own. Students collect these on their own slides or a teacher-made slide deck. Gotta collect them all!

Homework Pass

This prize option is as simple as it sounds. Students are able to use their points to opt-out of a homework assignment or extra practice opportunity that they don’t want to do. 

It is important to note that boundaries should be set with students on the best types of assignments to use this prize on. 

Positive Note or Call Home 

An oldie, but a goodie! Students love to share with their family members when they are doing well in school and meeting expectations. 

When students earn this prize, teachers either send a note home to teachers (via mail) or can call home to share all of the wonderful things their student is doing in class. 

Final Thoughts

Virtual prizes are an important component of every PBIS system. They increase student engagement, create buy-in, and promote positive behavior supports which will, in turn, support academic growth and student success. The usage of these simple classroom rewards and prizes can make all the difference in the virtual classroom. Or if you're still looking for the ideal motivators you can try our list of free rewards for students.

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Katie Neumeier

We believe positive student behavior comes from the right school culture. Do you?

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We believe positive classrooms come from the right school culture. Do you?

Join a community of 1,000+ schools who use LiveSchool to improve their classroom management with school-wide points tracking.
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We believe positive student behavior comes from the right school culture. Do you?

Join a community of 1,000+ schools who use LiveSchool to improve their culture with school-wide points tracking.
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