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Caddo Hills High School
Caddo Hills High School
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Caddo Hills High School
Caddo Hills School District
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Three Rs

Caddo Hills High School Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

The Three Rs are a common behavior matrix:

  1. R: Respect
  2. R: Responsibility
  3. R: Reflection

Under each category, Caddo Hills has three rubric items that students receive and lose points for. In previous years, the number of rubric items was significantly larger.

A longer rubric is harder to use for everyone:

  • It slows down teachers as they record points.
  • It’s more difficult to analyze trends for the behavior team.
  • Students have a harder time understanding what’s expected of them.

All of these hurt buy-in – and the ultimate success of an initiative.

That’s why Caddo scaled back. Now, they focus on fewer, more generic rubric items while encouraging teachers to use comments in LiveSchool to add additional information on the behavior recorded. This comment is shown in the Timeline report in Insights and weekly parent Recaps.

For example, students can gain or lose a point for “classroom behavior” under Respect. This could be encouraging students to participate in a discussion, misusing a classroom supply, or anything in between. It’s both unnecessary – and impossible – to envision all the ways behavior might manifest in the classroom.

That’s why simple is better, as Caddo found. The data proves it too. Teachers at Caddo increased points recorded (aka usage) by 48% this year.

Behavior Alert System

Caddo also built a behavior alert system into their behavior rubric. When a staff member selects SOS, they set up LiveSchool to automatically send an email alert to the Principal, so they can intervene ASAP.

The customizable alerts include the location of the incident, the student involved, the teacher who reported it, and any comments included when it was submitted.

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