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Johnson Central High School
Johnson Central High School
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Alley Garner
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Johnson Central High School
Johnson County Schools
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Johnson Central High School Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

At first glance, Johnson Central High School’s behavior rubric seems extensive. However, it’s heavily detailed in order to support their various school initiatives. In this way, their behavior rubric is an accountability, progress, and buy-in tool to support their school’s strategic programs, as well as foundational behavior for students.

The rubric can essentially be divided into three subsections: Behaviors, iReady, and Fun.

High School Behaviors

John Central divided general behavior into three categories: Excellence, Respect, and Self-Management. Each category has rubric items that detail specific behavior. For example, students earn points for “good deeds” under Excellence, “respecting others” under Respect, and “coming prepared” under Self-Management. You can see all the specific behavior in the rubric above.


Under Academics is the category iReady. The rubric items in iReady focus on progress in the program. This is a great way to extrinsically motivate students as they work through iReady or similar academic programs.

Besides iReady, students are also rewarded for attendance, GPA, activity involvement, MAP & ACT Growth, and Transition Participation (for students working on a transition to college/career readiness).


Finally, there are fun-focused opportunities to earn points that build community and culture at the school. These include house challenges, scavenger hunts, trivia, and more.

Together, these sections make up their behavior rubric, which you can see in full above. In the first few months of the school year, staff has given over 40,000 points to students across the categories!

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