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Outlook Elementary
Outlook Elementary
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Rob McCracken
Assistant Principal
Outlook Elementary
Sunnyside School District
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Outlook Elementary Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

Outlook Elementary in Washington’s Sunnyside School District built its behavior rubric off of their school-wide expectations, PRIDE:

  • P: Positive
  • R: Responsible
  • I: Involved
  • D: Determined
  • E: Excellent

Each category has 5+ rubric items:

First are the rubric items that include the category name and allow teachers to decide between different point amounts. For example, students can earn a point for “determined” under Determined. It’s the staff member’s discretion whether it warrants one, two, or five points.

There are also non-category-named rubric items for different behaviors under each category. As another example with Determined, students can also earn points for “showing progress” and work ethic.”

No Negative Points

Outlook set up their rubric so students only earn positive points for behavior. This is common with many schools that want to focus on rewarding students and building a positive school culture.

However, they also have a category called Minor Behavior. Each rubric item is named after a specific location and is worth zero points. With zero-point items, students don’t lose points for negative behavior, but it is documented so schools measure it with Insights and include it in their weekly parent updates with Recaps.

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