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Notre Dame de Sion
Notre Dame de Sion
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Claire Evans
Notre Dame de Sion Grade School for Girls and Boys
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Notre Dame de Sion Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

Notre Dame de Sion is an independent, Roman Catholic school in Kansas City, Missouri. The school consists of students in Pre-K all the way through 8th grade. To build their rubric, their behavior team surveyed all staff members to identify common positive and negative behaviors building-wide.

Their rubric is divided into four categories:

  • Positive Behaviors
  • Verbal Warnings
  • Minor Behaviors
  • Major Behaviors

Students earn positive points for positive behaviors. Verbal Warnings doesn’t detract points – it simply logs the behavior for visibility. For minor and major behaviors, students lose points.

By tracking negative behavior incidents, the behavior team can assess when, where, and by whom behavior occurs and establish proactive interventions and supports to mitigate these.

Over the last year, students at Notre Dame de Sion earned 127,000 positive points and had a 13:1 positive-to-negative behavior ratio.

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