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Maranatha Christian Schools
Maranatha Christian Schools
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Maranatha Christian Schools
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Maranatha Christian Schools Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

Maranatha Christian School designed its behavior rubric to support its House System. With House Points, students get points for good behavior, and all the points add up in a House competition.

The rubric is built around four key areas, which serve as the rubric items:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Responsible
  • Barnabas Behavior
  • SWAG

Be Safe and Be Responsible are pretty self-explanatory. Barnabas Behavior relates to student character and refers to Saint Baranabas.

Finally, there is SWAG. SWAG is the school’s theme this year. By having it on the rubric, students can earn points for exemplifying this theme. The theme is the only item that changes from year to year.

These characteristics are then divided by location in their rubric, which makes it incredibly easy for staff to give points. It works! In the 2021-2022 school year, students and their houses earned 117 THOUSAND points.

You can read more about Maranatha’s House Program here.

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