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Valley View Intermediate
Valley View Intermediate
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Valley View Intermediate
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Valley View Intermediate Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

Valley View Intermediate is the Middle School in Pennsylvania’s Valley View School District. Valley View Intermediate follows PBIS and designed its rubric around the behavior acronym PRIDE, which refers to their Cougars mascot. PRIDE includes these categories:

  • P: Prepared
  • R: Respectful
  • I: In-Control
  • D: Doing our Best
  • E: (Make) Excellent Decisions

Under each category are different behaviors that can refer to different parts of the building. For example, being prepared in the classroom means having materials ready for use, in the hall it means lining up in a single file with a voice level of zero, etc.

Everyone Gives Points

The entire Valley View team gives points! Every teacher is asked to record two to three points a day, and Encore and special teachers are asked to record at least one point a day. As a result, students earned over 146,000 positive LiveSchool points in one year!

Proactive Location-Based Behaviors

The Valley View team also added additional rubric categories that outline specific behaviors in different school locations. Based on LiveSchool data, the behavior team identified that time in the Hallway, Lunch, and Recess often led to spikes in certain behaviors.

By creating additional rubric categories, expectations are transparent, and students, teachers, and staff can work together to hold each other accountable during these times.

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