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Kewanee High School
Kewanee High School
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Emma Reidner
Special Education Teacher
Kewanee High School
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Kewanee High School Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

This behavior rubric submission came from the Self-Contained Special Education Department at Kewanee High School in the Kewanee School District in Illinois.

The department developed general categories for its rubric. At the start of each year, they discuss with their students the type of behaviors they think impact their educational experience, and then they develop the rubric with student feedback in mind. They like to focus on behaviors that will be beneficial in both school and work environments to set students up for post-secondary success. This department works with this group of students for the four years they are in high school.

The Special Ed teachers give points on a daily basis. Students receive around 25 points (5 in each self-contained class they have). Students who may require extra behavioral support will take a point sheet that models the rubric online to give to general education teachers. Then the teachers will fill them out at the end of each class, and the special education teacher will input them into the LiveSchool system.

The Behavior Rubric is split into three different sections

  1. Daily Points - Students can earn or lose points for being on time, Completed Assignments, Disruptions, Respecting Others and Self, and Staying on Task.
  2. Excellence - Students can earn points for showing improvement and Outstanding Participation. In this section, they can lose points for being on their cell phone.
  3. Extra Points - This is an opportunity for students to gain extra points for their behavior and actions. This ranges from 5 points to 100 points.

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