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Seaford Middle School
Seaford Middle School
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Judith Bruns
Assistant Principal
Seaford Middle School
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Seaford Middle School Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

Seaford Middle School is a part of the Seaford School District in Delaware. They follow PBIS for behavior management and designed their behavior rubric categories around their mission statement:

“Our students will Try & Succeed, Respond & Respect, and Accept & Advocate.”

  • Try & Succeed
  • Respond & Respect
  • Accept & Advocate

Under each category, students can earn either positive points or, if it’s a negative behavior, it is tracked in LiveSchool’s data reports.

Behavior of the Month

To highlight specific behaviors, the Seaford Middle School team selects a behavior for the month. During that month, students earn 10 points every time they are recognized for that specific behavior. Typically, students earn one point per behavior, so this is a big (and motivating) increase!

In one year, students at Seaford were recognized for more than 126,000 behaviors and redeemed 5,000 rewards.

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