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Notre Dame Preparatory
Notre Dame Preparatory
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Sarah Hopkins
Coordinator of Student Culture
Notre Dame Preparatory High School
Western Catholic Education Association
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Notre Dame Preparatory Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

In Scottsdale, Arizona, Notre Dame Preparatory High School created its rubric with 5 sections. 

Faith builder & Discipleship

Notre Dame Prep is a Catholic High School. Its mission is to promote academic excellence and the pursuit of holiness through the shared values of Reverence, Respect, & Responsibility, out of love for Jesus Christ. A section specifically for practicing their faith was something they felt was needed within their behavior rubric. Students can earn points for attending Mass unprompted, volunteering to lead prayer, and participating in the altar service.

GPA & House Competitions

Both of these sections on the rubric allow houses to receive 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place points. Students must work as a group to be ranked within these sections. We really like this idea for GPA ranking because it encourages students to be successful throughout the quarter by holding themselves and their classmates accountable for their academics since it is calculated as a group  


Notre Dame allows students to receive points when they show both their house pride and their school pride. Students can earn points by having the highest attendance and wearing their house shirts or identifiable house regalia. Students also earn points if they are the most spirited during assemblies or competitions – and even know the School Fight Song. 

3 R's

Reverence, respect, and responsibility

The school has made their core values reverence, respect, and responsibility – its own twist on the 3 R’s with reverence being the difference. In simple terms, reverence means honor or respect felt or shown. Being a school of faith, this is a huge value for them.

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