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Cardinal Middle School
Cardinal Middle School
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Cindy Green
Cardinal Middle School
Cardinal Community School District
Rubric goals
Behavior Improvement
School Culture
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Rubric type
Three Rs

Cardinal Middle School Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

Cardinal Middle Schools divided their rubric into three main sections: Respect, Responsibility, and Ready to Learn. Within each, they identified key expectations and behaviors that make up their rubric items.

They also added an additional section, Extras. This section includes bonus items, like class jobs, which students complete to earn points – and lend a helping hand of course.

How They Built It

The rubric was initially developed by their Building Leadership Team. Once a draft was ready, they shared it with the entire staff to collect suggestions and edits. That way, everyone gets a chance to contribute, which improves buy-in. Even as they’ve rolled it out, Cardinal Middle invites teachers and students to make ongoing recommendations.

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