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Bowmar Elementary
Bowmar Elementary
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Mary Quinn Wood
6th Grade Math Teacher
Bowmar Elementary School
Vicksburg Warren
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Behavior Improvement
School Culture
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Leader in Me

Bowmar Elementary Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

Bowmar Elementary is a rural K-6 elementary school in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

They are a PBIS and “Leader in Me” school. The “Leader in Me” program is based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, the program engages the students in student-led parent/teacher conferences, tracking data, setting personal and academic goals, public speaking, creating action teams and actively working together to resolve disputes.

Bowmar uses LiveSchool to support behavior and build culture, as well as facilitate their Leader in Me program

In May 2014, Bowmar Elementary, along with Bovina Elementary, was recognized as a “Lighthouse School” by FranklinCovey Education, designer of the “Leader in Me” program.

How Students Earn Points

Bowmar Elementary’s rubric is divided into both the 7 Habits and locations throughout the school. This way, students know exactly what’s expected of them in the restroom, classroom, cafeteria, etc. This transparency means students can hold each other accountable and strive for excellence across the building.

PBIS at Bowmar

To celebrate the positive behavior of students, Bowmar hosts a PBIS party every 9 weeks. In the past, they have had a color run, glow party, sock hop, tailgate party, water day, and s’mores party for these PBIS events.

Students have to earn 400 positive points and no more than 20 negative points to attend each party. Collectively, the team at Bowmar strives for students to have the opportunity to receive 10 positive points a day.

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