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East Side Charter School
East Side Charter School
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Marco Alberti
Assistant Principal
East Side Charter School
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East Side Charter School Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

Located in Wilmington, Delaware, East Side Charter School is within its own district and services students from Pre-Kindergarten to the eighth grade

East Side Charter felt that their Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) collaborative team was best suited for creating their LiveSchool Behavior rubric. The rubric is split up into different sections, including behavior, tracking, Calling a Dean, Consequences, Returns, and APEX (an honors program). Depending on the section, students earn points and/or have negative behaviors logged – though they aren’t deducted.

The behavior section is the section where students can receive positive points based on the school’s PBS acronym of SOAR.

  • S - Self-Control
  • O - On-Task
  • A - Achievement
  • R - Respect

They encourage their teachers and staff to give points off a 3:1 ratio. Students should be receiving positive points more times than negative.

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