March 18, 2020

We're Here for You

To our customers facing the evolving Covid-19 situation: we're here for you. A letter from the LiveSchool team.
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To our valued customers,

As we all go through an uncertain time, the LiveSchool team and I wanted to reach out to share our support for you and your school communities. We're proud to work with you and want you to know we’re here to help.

We know you had so many plans for students – lessons, field trips, celebrations, and more. The coming weeks will be tough because of all the moments you won’t get to have with students. But we will all get through this, and come back with our strongest relationships yet.

Positive behavior supports are as important as we navigate through this crisis with students and families. Our team is developing resources to help your team jump-start this planning. If you are adopting distance or eLearning, we hope these resources will be helpful:

As we all work through the immediate challenges of the Covid-19 virus in our communities, we want to share a little light at the end of the tunnel. LiveSchool has been hard at work on a new teacher experience which we had planned to announce this month – something to look forward to when we get through this challenging situation.

To support our national effort to "flatten the curve," our office has been closed and our team is working from home. We'd love to hear from you, even just to say "hello!". On behalf of the entire LiveSchool team, we're thinking about you, your team, students, and families! Stay healthy and please don't hesitate to reach out.


Matt & the LiveSchool team

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