May 4, 2020

Create a Behavior Rubric for eLearning

At-home learning requires clear expectations. Learn how to create a rubric that is clear, achievable, and fair for families.
LiveSchool 101: Happy Teachers, Engaged Students, and Better Data

Whether you call it distance learning, remote learning, or eLearning, clear expectations are essential for success. Here's how to set expectations that are specific, achievable, and recognize the day-to-day challenges families are going through.

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An eLearning Rubric with Attendance, Assignment Completion, Participation, and more.
Our example rubric only tracks positive points for eLearning, because now is the time for positivity for students, parents, and staff!

An eLearning rubric is a tool to help students, parents, and your entire staff know what is expected. Whenever you create behavior expectations, less is more. Here is an example rubric that covers the basics of a successful eLearning program. Below, we provide specifics on what each of these behavior expectations look like in practice.


A point is awarded to students who “attend” at-home learning! You can award this point in different ways:

  • Awarded when a student logs in to a live meeting.
  • Awarded if the student messages a teacher over Remind to say “I’m starting for today!”

Assignment Completion

A point is awarded when a student completes an eligible assignment. Here are some examples:

  • Awarded when a student submits a Flipgrid.
  • Awarded when a student turns in a project on Google Classroom.
  • Awarded when a student returns a paper work packet.


A point is awarded to students who follow expectations for participation. For example:

  • A student answers a prompt on a class video call.
  • A student responds to a school-wide social media challenge.
  • A student participates in a virtual spirit day.

Following Directions

Just like in a normal classroom, points can help you teach new expectations. For example:

  • Students successfully mute themselves on first video call (oh yes!)
  • Students chat in video call to “raise their hand” to speak
  • Students turn in an assignment with all required information

Inspiring Others

This is a trying time, but our students are still inspiring! When a student inspires a teammate or staff member with positivity, it’s time to celebrate!

  • A student sews masks to support local health care workers.
  • A student draws an encouraging poster.
  • A student shares a fun TikTok with the school community.


Physical education and gym have always been a part of our schools. Now more than ever, it’s a great idea to recognize students for getting moving. 

  • A student completes a GoNoodle brain break.
  • A student goes for a 15+ minute walk.
  • A student completes a workout challenge by a coach.

To give points, you can accept simple messages from students when they complete an activity, or to make it more social, ask students to tweet a picture of their workout!

Family Contact

Many of us have already used LiveSchool to track things we do in support of students. If you haven’t – this is a great time to start! Use this behavior to track:

  • A phone call home, including a comment on what was discussed (see 9 Tips for Better Behavior Comments)
  • A parent discussion at lunch or work packet pickup line (6ft+, of course!)

Keep it Organized in LiveSchool

You can keep your at-home and in-school expectations side-by-side in LiveSchool and switch back-and-forth seamlessly. Just organize your eLearning expectations in a specific category and use the "Hide" feature in the new LiveSchool experience.

What are you tracking?

This is a learning process for all of us, and we want to hear from you! Share your at-home expectations on Twitter and tag @whyliveschool. We’ll learn from you and continue to update this post with new ideas!

Interested in LiveSchool?

Let's chat about how LiveSchool supports your positive school culture.

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