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Imago Dei Academy
Imago Dei Academy
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Megan Hodges
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Imago Dei Academy
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Imago Dei Academy Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

A small but mighty Christian school - Imago Dei Academy, located in Alamogordo, New Mexico, felt it was important to build their behavior rubric with their Christian beliefs in mind. Assistant Headmaster, Megan Hodges, states that the students and staff at Imago honor moral values, hard work, and their Christian Love. The school’s goal was to create a rubric that encouraged students to do behaviors that benefited others, not just themselves.

Christian Character

Students are able to gain points in this section by demonstrating behaviors that follow the Christian values Imago Dei encourages each day. Points are given for helping others, honesty, honoring God, kindness, and praying for others voluntarily. 


This section is one we see in many schools. Leadership and responsibility are important skills that students learn while in school. Gaining points for being on time, coming prepared, staying on task, teamwork, and more can help students succeed in life and their future. 


Acknowledging student growth overtime is an important section. One of our favorite things about this section is students can receive points for having GRIT. Here is a quote by Angela Lee Duckworth that we feel explains GRIT perfectly, “When students fail, it actually builds their character and helps them develop GRIT - a mental toughness or courage that leads to perseverance.” 

Academic Achievement

Students have the opportunity to receive points for long-term academic achievements like having an A honor roll or an A/B honor roll at the end of the term. For students who might struggle with academics, they still have an opportunity to receive points in this section by bringing up their grades or simply by following directions in class. 

House Leaders Only

Imago decided to create a specific section on their rubric where students can contribute points to house points for winning challenges. Points range from 5 - 70. Students can also receive points for participating and having a positive attitude during the challenges.

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