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The Maisons of Notre Dame

Notre Dame de Sion is an independent, Roman Catholic school in Kansas City, Missouri. The school consists of students in Pre-K all the way through 8th grade. The House System at Notre Dame de Sion is for their middle school-age students. The Houses are named after colors and Notre Dame de Sion is a French school so their Houses are actually called “Maisons”.

Each student at Notre Dame de Sion is placed into a Maison at the end of 5th grade. They are given colored leis by the graduating 8th graders to signify which Maison they will be joining. They are then in that Maison until they graduate 8th grade. They compete for the Maison Cup🏆 and the winning Maison gets to go on a field trip to Main Event Bowling at the end of the year.

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Blue Maison

Green Maison

Orange Maison

Purple Maison

Red Maison

Yellow Maison

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