Guided Implementation

Successfully implement LiveSchool with the help of a dedicated LiveSchool coach.

Calling All School Culture Leaders!

LiveSchool is easy to implement. You build a rubric, create teacher accounts with a CSV upload or Clever Sync, and share getting started resources with teachers.
But a successful implementation doesn’t just mean LiveSchool is set up.
It means that your behavior rubric is aligned to your school culture, teachers are bought into this important work, and you’re able to measure culture growth.
Guided Implementation starts with thinking about big questions like:
  • What do you want your school culture vision to be?
  • How do you integrate school culture into your behavior rubric?
  • What goals should you set and for when?
  • Which reports can help you measure progress?
LiveSchool’s Guided Implementation helps you answer these questions. We also train your teachers, help you interpret data, and work as your support system.

How Guided Implementation Works

1. Meet Your Coach

Our Coaches are former educators with experience helping our customers drive meaningful and measurable culture change.

2. Vision Setting

Site Leaders will consult with your LiveSchool Coach to create a vision, goals, and plan for LiveSchool to drive your School Culture goals.

3. Professional Development

Your Coach will plan and facilitate PD designed to train staff on using LiveSchool and creating buy-in for School Culture change.

4. Data Analysis

We’ll show you how to quantify LiveSchool usage, track school culture change, and set additional goals for your team.

5. Planning for Next Year

Your LiveSchool Coach and Site Leaders will develop student surveys to collect feedback. With the survey data and LiveSchool reports, we’ll work together to plan for next year.
This is just the start of your School Culture journey!


The Guided Implementation is a flat fee of $1950.
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Pre Work: School Culture Survey
Committee Session 1: Goals and Rollout
Teacher Session 1: Getting Started with LiveSchool
Committee Session 2: Data Review
Teacher Session 2: Data Recap & Tips
Student Feedback Survey
End of Year Reflection: Looking Back & Looking Forward