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The Arts with Creswell Middle School

The House program at Creswell is based on the arts, as Creswell is a fine arts magnet school. Students meet in their Houses every other month with members in all grade levels to do fun things that relate to the arts.

For example, in the Chromatics House (The Art House) they may do tie dyeing for their House meeting, The Apollos House (The Band House) will learn new songs, while The Olympians House (The Gym House) might learn a new exercise during their own meeting.

They also discuss LiveSchool points, areas for improvement, and utilize the time to present social and emotional learning lessons.

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House Name Ideas:

The Apollos - Band

The Chromatics - Visual Art

The Fossess - Dance

The Olympians - Gym

The Troubadours - Choir, Piano

The Upstagers - Theater

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