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Ancient Rome laid the foundation for much of our experiences today – from discoveries to government and schools. These Latin Words are all used by schools to name their Houses in a way that builds culture across the building.
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House Name Ideas:

Officium (Service)

Meliora (Improvement)

Divitiae (Affluence)

Habitus (Maintain)

Integritas (Integrity)

Paratus (Prepared)

Auctoritas (Authority)

Aequum (Fairness)

Honesta (Honesty)

Uirtus (Excellence)

Ducibus (Leaders)

Inspirare (Inspire)

Intrepidus (Fearless)

Justitia (Justice)

Honoris (Honor)

Reflexio (Reflection)

Aequitas (Equality)

Persisto (Persistence)

Creatores (Creator)

Sapientae (Wisdom)

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