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Global Citizens at Brewer

This House System names idea comes from PBIS Leader, Tamika Morgan, at Brewer Academy in Detroit Public Schools. At Brewer Academy, their school is separated into 8 houses using global names that have citizenship meanings.

Each house includes 5th grade - 8th grade students with house leaders and house secretaries that lead their monthly house meetings. Students take pride in their houses and have created house hands signs, house chants, hand shakes, and call sounds. 

Houses are rewarded quarterly based on points and at the end of the year, Brewer Academy hosts a House Grammys where students receive awards, perform house strolls, and the House of the Year is awarded with a trophy that is displayed until the next Grammys.

The House Names, Origins, and Meanings are:

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House Name Ideas:

The House of Divitiae

The House of Sapience

The House of Spiritus

The House of Ducis

The House of Sante

The House of Sonador

The House of Umoja

The House of Travail

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