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Hopson’s Expectations

This house name idea comes all the way from North Slope Borough School District in Alaska. Teacher and LiveSchool Program Site Leader, Melissa Walrath, from Eben Hopson Middle School says her school uses its school mascot, the Wolves, as their inspiration for their house name. 

Eben Hopson Middle school has 4 houses that they call packs. These houses include 6th - 8th grade students to create a sense of community with the students in different grades. 

The houses are named after their school expectations. 


Their school wide motto is “Wolves on TRACK”. 

Epson hosts quarterly competitions called Battle of the Packs where students compete in various creative, academic, and physical challenges to win points for their house. The house with the most points at the end of the battle wins the spirit stick and an ice cream party.

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