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Developing Global Leaders

Global Leadership Academy is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and consists of two schools serving students K-8. Their House System is based on grade levels and each House is themed in a way that is designed to prepare students for the next level.

All students at GLA are considered “Scholars” as self affirmation is a big part of the culture at Global. This distinction between students and scholars was established because they wanted their students to take responsibility for their own learning and by default take responsibility for their own behavior as well.

Their House System was designed with this idea in mind as well.

The youngest students in primary are “Rising Stars”, the intermediate levels are “Legendary Leaders” and the middle grades are considered “The Collegiate Academy”.

They host House Cups, House Competitions and regularly hold House meetings. Each House has it’s own designated color and crest as well.

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Rising Stars

Legendary Leaders

The Collegiate Academy

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