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Building Character at McAnally

McAnally sourced their house names (the English versions) from their character development program, Positivity Project.  These are the character traits that they want to see in their school.  Then they found a country/animal/language that symbolized the word and gave the houses a fun name.

They all come from different languages and have a special mascot. Students work to collect stickers from each house by being nominated by teachers of the houses they're in to become honorary members of the house.

Students at McAnally meet in their grade level houses each Monday (Bearcats in the House Day) and learn about a new character trait through relevant lessons provided through the Positivity Project.

At the end of each quarter, they have a big House Rally where awards are given out (based on LiveSchool points) and the students are able to do house challenges.

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House Name Ideas:

Liefde (House of Love)

Nintai (House of Perseverance)

Coraggio (House of Bravery)

Zamiar (House of Purpose)

Lingdao (House of Leadership)

Gratiam (House of Gratitude)

Kalosini (House of Kindness)

Integridad (House of Integrity)

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