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August 19, 2016

Announcing Single Sign-On with Clever!

SSO means teachers can log on with a single click from your Clever dashboard!
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LiveSchool now supports Clever Instant Login, meaning your teachers can log in to LiveSchool with a single click!

What is Instant Login?

Instant Login is the easiest way for students, teachers, and admins to log in to applications - it provides single sign on (SSO) access to all online learning applications in the same place. No longer do teachers or administrators need to waste time juggling multiple usernames and passwords! Instant Login is the next step in making it easier to use technology in the classroom.

How do we set up Instant Login?

If your LiveSchool site is set up using Clever to sync with your Student Information system, you can likely use Instant Login! To get started, visit Clever's article: How to Set Up Instant Login. Still need help? Reach out to for information about getting started with Instant Login. Have a question for the LiveSchool team? Reach us any time at

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