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February 12, 2018

3 Ways to Celebrate Your Teachers Every Month

Don't wait for teacher appreciation day! Here are three actionable ways to show your teachers the love.
LiveSchool 101: Happy Teachers, Engaged Students, and Better Data

The best teachers put their students in the spotlight. And sure, seeing their proteges figure out long division for the first time is a reward in itself; but even the most humble of educators appreciates some acknowledgement.

Recognizing the leaders in your school will have a huge impact on their job satisfaction, and ultimately the experience of their students, too. We’ve pulled together a list of three easy ways to reward your top teachers on a regular basis using LiveSchool (and make it more personal than a rushed e-mail or another day planner).

1. Shout out your top 5 LiveSchool users.

Every Friday, pull a report from LiveSchool to see the teachers who gave the most positive points that week, and pass on the good vibes!

Read their name and the number of points over morning announcements. Encourage students to give a thank you note for the winner. Even a short “Thanks for recommending Catcher in the Rye” from the kid who used to hate English is enough to make any teacher look forward to Monday.

2. Leave a surprise in their mailbox.

Once a month, check the Teacher Scoreboard in LiveSchool to find your most active teacher. Chances are, they’re  going the extra mile in other ways, too; so restore their energy! Surprise them with a gift card to your local coffee shop and a handwritten note. A monthly latte barely affects the bottom line, but could have a huge impact on their day.

3. Start a weekly raffle.

Inspire a little friendly competition with a raffle. Keep the rules simple and send out a fun announcement, making it clear that this is a perk to look forward to - not an extra task.

Michele Meservey, the ESE Inclusion Teacher at Vineland Elementary School in Rotonda West, Florida, sets the stakes high in her competition with both a trophy and a gift card:

Any teacher who has given at least 5,000 points each week gets their name in the raffle.  We pull one teacher per week for a $50 gift.  We also have had trophies made for each grade level. One teacher from each grade with the highest points for the week gets the trophy to display outside their classroom. They love it!

Whether your champions earn cash or bragging rights, the end goal is the same: give everyone an excuse to congratulate your school’s most dedicated teachers.

Once you decide on a few teacher incentives, stick to a schedule so you can keep the momentum going. Decide who’s in charge of pulling reports and announcing the winners, and stick to specific days each week so you don’t leave your competitors hanging. LiveSchool makes it easy to select winners quickly and objectively, so all you have to do is mark the school calendar and keep up the positive motivation.

How do you recognize your teachers when they’re at their best? Send us your own ideas for using LiveSchool to inspire the leaders in your school!

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