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Lanier Middle School
Lanier Middle School
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Josh Mitchell
Lanier Middle School
Brazosport Independent School District
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Lanier Middle School Behavior Rubric

About Their Behavior Rubric

Lanier Middle School is located in Freeport, Texas in the Brazosport Independent School District and is a National Showcase school for Capturing Kids Hearts. 

The LiveSchool team, which included, the Behavior Interventionist, Principal, Assistant Principal, and School Counselor took a lot into consideration when building their behavior rubric. Their strategy was to analyze the behaviors on campus that they wanted to encourage and the behaviors they wanted to discourage. They made some behaviors worth more because those were the behaviors they felt needed the most improvement or were the most severe. What they came up with included PBIS practices, concepts they learned through Capturing Kids Hearts program, and data they collected and analyzed of their school. 

Depending on the section, teachers have the opportunity to reward or deduct points from students in 4 different sections.


Helping others, improvement (in behavior or academically), Lion Pride, outstanding participation, and student of the month (all positive points).


Attitude, following instructions, honesty, respecting others, and respecting others’ property (points can be added or deducted).


Positive points - AR (accelerated reader)  Goal Reached, attendance, and Super Reader. 

Positive or Negative Points - Being on time, coming prepared, doing homework completion, and staying on task.


Bathroom expectations, drill procedures, and hallway procedures (points can be added or deducted).

Most teachers within the middle school teach a little over 100 students so the goal they have for them is to give at least 100 points to give each student they interact with an opportunity to receive points with them. 

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