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Global Academies; Philadelphia, PA
The Culture Goal
To promote ongoing positive behaviors
among Global Academy scholars

Shared By
Paul Kennedy, Director of Scholar
Advancement and PBIS Coordinator


Global Academy leaders

Mr. Kennedy worked closely with GLA’s administrative team to develop a framework that would grow and sustain a positive school culture. He collaborated with the schools’ scholar support specialist and instructional assistants to engage students in LiveSchool, also consulting a student-led leadership team who delivered feedback from the system’s biggest users: the students themselves.

LiveSchool provides educators with the flexible set of tools they need to design custom school-wide systems.

“We wanted a system that would not only hold our scholars accountable, but also continue the consistency of positive behaviors and independent life skills. LiveSchool was in complete alignment with our goals.”
Paul Kennedy
Director of Scholar Advancement
and PBIS Coordinator

New frontiers in pedagogy

Mr. Kennedy’s individual academy (grades 6-8) rolled out the LiveSchool system within one month. After this successful pilot, the rest of the school adopted LiveSchool over the course of three years. Teachers and administrators meet on a monthly basis to determine the most effective and accessible ways to incorporate LiveSchool into daily lesson plans. The biggest appeal for educators? LiveSchool encourages goal-setting and a sense of community within the classroom.

LiveSchool’s customizable school-wide settings makes it easy to experiment and adapt a culture system over time.

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Global Greatness

GLA follows the Global Greatness program, which states that “Scholars with integrity show respectfulness, responsibility, and safety.” This program serves as the basis for GLA’s LiveSchool rubric – educators emphasize the importance of these expectations and promote positive behaviors via LiveSchool points.

LiveSchool’s customizable rubric allows educators to easily prioritize the behaviors most important to their school.

“We really emphasize pedagogy at our schools – we are always working to implement new teaching styles, facilitation, hands-on learning, being active in the classroom. Our LiveSchool strategy is ever-evolving because students are ever-evolving.”
Paul Kennedy
Director of Scholar Advancement
and PBIS Coordinator

Flexibility for every setting

GLA developed a points matrix that functions as the backbone of LiveSchool’s programming. Using the Global Greatness rubric as the framework, administrators and educators created a points system for every space the students access: the classroom, the lunchroom, the auditorium and more. Respectful behaviors take different forms in the classroom 
and in the lunchroom – GLA’s points matrix makes sure students are consistently rewarded for positive actions throughout the day.

LiveSchool’s comments feature allows teachers to record personalized feedback that can be viewed by students, parents and other staff.

Paychecks, Reward Store, Events

GLA tracks each students’ points and creates Paychecks, which students can redeem for exciting rewards. Paychecks create a school-wide emphasis on financial literacy, and each one is parent-reviewed before it’s cashed in. High points earners are recognized at monthly Success Assemblies and in monthly newsletters.

Students can independently choose how they cash in their Paychecks at the Reward Store, and rewards include everything from class parties to fun school supplies. GLA regularly switches up store inventory and event calendars to keep students striving for new goals.

Paychecks translate to real-life benefits.

“The LiveSchool Paycheck system mirrors what it’s like in the real world: you go to work every day and you receive compensation for your work. Then you take that money and use it somewhere in a positive manner as a reward.”

Invest in experiences

“LiveSchool Parties are part of the vernacular of our school – the culture would not be the same without them. These fun social programs let students and teachers see each other in a different light, building positive relationships that carry forward beyond that event.“

Cash in at the Reward Store

“For many students, the Reward Store is the most popular place to spend their LiveSchool points. The store helps scholars understand tradeoffs we all make with money every day, and these scenarios reflect real-life conversations and events that are taking place in our students' lives.”

Most Popular Rewards




Mini footballs






Refine goals and set expectations

GLA uses LiveSchool to analyze trends by grade, academy, and teacher. LiveSchool’s Insights tool allows educators to zero in on specific issues within their school, even down to the time of day when they face the most behavioral challenges. Thanks to the precision of LiveSchool data, GLA identified lunch and recess transitions as focus areas and planned new approaches to behavior management. The GLA team uses LiveSchool data to modify their system regularly so that it's targeted for teachers and motivating for students.

LiveSchool's Insights tools helps school staff spot trends by time, location, student, teacher, and more.


Improving communication
and developing accountability


Scholars have become better communicators in their relationships with teachers and other students.


Scholars have developed a stronger sense of personal accountability.

“One thing we learn in education is APIE: assess, plan, implement, evaluate. With LiveSchool, you’re doing what educators do. And LiveSchool is always listening to their customers to figure out new ways to make their program better and more valuable.”

Paul Kennedy
Director of Scholar Advancement
and PBIS Coordinator
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