A collaborative approach to positive school culture

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Freedom Crossing Academy (FCA)
The Culture Goal
To encourage positive school culture through relationship building, both among students and between students and educators.
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Melissa Lime, Assistant Principal

Educators and the PBIS committee

FCA’s launch team included the school’s PBIS committee, media specialist, guidance counselor, and instructional literacy coach. FCA is a new school, and the administration rolled out LiveSchool to all grades when the doors opened. The concept of “alignment” served as the North Star for FCA’s LiveSchool launch – keeping culture goals and teacher needs in sync was their key to success.

LiveSchool provides schools with easy-to-use tools that support the needs of both teachers and students in the classroom.

“By Christmas of our first year we were already using the House system! I had originally wanted to start slow, but our enthusiastic teachers really took it to the next level.”
Melissa Lime
Assistant Principal

Student and staff engagement, every day

The school’s staff meets over the summer to plan strategies for the coming year and continues to convene weekly to refine LiveSchool processes. While teachers largely manage LiveSchool day to day, FCA also invites students to track and award points for the class, creating leadership opportunities and encouraging student interest.

LiveSchool’s streamlined points system fits seamlessly into lesson plans, and is easily accessible for both students and teachers.

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Taking FLIGHT with the FCA Way

FCA’s rubric revolves around two concepts: the FCA Way, and Taking FLIGHT. The FCA Way outlines behaviors expected from the entire class: safety, following directions, responsibility, and respect, among others. The FLIGHT rubric applies for individual students who are “breaking barriers,” awarding points for Focus, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Heart, and Teamwork.

LiveSchool’s customizable rubric gives teachers a consistent framework for recognizing and rewarding their students’ successes.

“When it comes to making a rubric, you have to do it right. We spent time thinking ‘What is safety?’ What are three things we want our kids to just do? And responsibility? What does this look like in the classroom?”
Melissa Lime
Assistant Principal

Houses, student teamwork, and staff collaboration

Behaviors that fall under the FCA Way earn points for the class, while teachers award points to individual students for FLIGHT characteristics— the positive behaviors that go above and beyond. Teachers use whatever device fits their teaching styles – phones, iPads, and even clipboards – to record 20 points per student per day. FCA does not take away points from students, but the staff does record challenge behaviors via LiveSchool so they can identify trends.

Students (and staff!) are also randomly sorted into 13 Houses. The school hosts two major House events per year, along with Falcon Fridays to celebrate House successes.

LiveSchool’s sophisticated tracking system can record points for individuals and groups, encouraging community and teamwork among students.

Reward Store, Events, High Earner Recognition

To make LiveSchool points tangible for students, dashboards are shown on screens around the school so students can see their points and House Points standings. They can redeem these points for a variety of material and experiential rewards, and high point earners are eligible for extra prizes.

FCA has also cultivated exciting relationships with local businesses, who donate goods and experiences for LiveSchool rewards. The school regularly collaborates with the Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL team), the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp (MiLB), the Jacksonville Icemen (NHL), local movie theaters and more.

Reward Store

“Our Reward Store funding is supported by grants and our school’s Parent Teacher Organization, and the parents run the store for us. We’re particularly excited about the spirit wear for our rising 9th graders – their future high schools donate items like shirts and hoodies so they can start cultivating school pride.”


“We’ve done field days, teacher/student dodgeball games, dances with student DJs, and raffles for tickets to Jacksonville Jaguar games. The Jags have donated almost 300 tickets to us so far, and they even hosted a sports camp at the school!”

High Earner Recognition

“We recognize top students with special rewards. One of my favorites was when we baked cookies with kindergarten and first grade students – the cafeteria manager taught the kids how to crack the eggs and mix the ingredients in the big mixer.”

Most Popular Rewards


Jacksonville Jaguar games


Treasure boxes


Movie posters


Spirit wear


Finding the perfect balance

FCA uses LiveSchool data to track trends, tweak rewards, and address any other issues regarding school culture. In addition to weekly check-ins, FCA sends a survey to educators at the end of each year to collect feedback for the following year’s LiveSchool plan.

LiveSchool's Insights tools helps school staff spot trends by time, location, student, teacher, and more.


Kind, confident, and
connected students


Students exhibit more kindness and compassion towards one another.


Students feel more comfortable in leadership roles.


Students feel a greater sense of community – FCA has 2000 students and 200 staff, and LiveSchool's Houses have brought them together.

“The students are excited to share their incentives and experiences with their families. Parents are like, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this before. My kids would rather come to school than go to Disney!’ And that was our goal!”

Melissa Lime
Assistant Principal
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