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Wow Wednesday
Submitted by:
Sarah Jones
Wow Wednesday
Submitted by:
Sarah Jones
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It’s not a competition…it’s encouragement

You know who gets a bad rap? Wednesday. No, not Wednesday Adams. She’s great and we all know it. I’m talking about Wednesday, the day after Taco Tuesday, and the day before Throwback Thursday.

Mondays have football, Fridays have #TGIF, Saturdays are for the boys, and Sundays are known all over as the day of rest. What’s Wednesday get…nada. That is until now. At CSUSA’s Duval Charter School at Mandarin, they are putting the “Wow” back into Wednesdays.

How It Works

Once a month at Mandarin the school has an early release day on a Wednesday.  In the 30 days between events, students have to earn 100 LiveSchool points and receive fewer than 3 demerits in order to earn the reward…and this one reward they definitely want to earn.

During the event, those who have met the goal receive a pass to watch movies, play video games, enjoy some chill time, take a VR field trip, or create some awesome crafts.

All of the activities are hosted in classrooms around the building and students use the pass to enter and enjoy. For those that don’t earn the reward, it’s study hall time in the library.

When asked if they enjoyed the reward one student so eloquently put it like this: “I’m not trying to be in the study hall room…next time I’m going to Wow Wednesday”.

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