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Very Important Pupil (VIP)
Submitted by:
Keely Sutton
Very Important Pupil (VIP)
Submitted by:
Keely Sutton
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Get access to the cafeteria VIP lounge.

At Price Middle School, the top five students and teachers from the 6th to 8th grades earn the privilege to sit in the cafeteria's VIP section for a week.

How It Works

Students at Price Middle earn LiveSchool points daily based on their custom behavior rubric that reflects the school's values and expectations. The VIP reward celebrates students who embody these values.

Every week, Ms. Sutton reviews the LiveSchool data to identify the top performers in each grade level and the teachers who have awarded the most points. The top five students and teachers from each grade get to enjoy the VIP section of the cafeteria for a week.

The VIP section features LED lights, a VIP backdrop, bean bag chairs, board games, a PlayStation, and comfortable seating for dining. Every Friday, the chef even prepares a special treat for these fifteen students and teachers.

Pictures of the students and teachers are taken in front of the VIP backdrop. These photos are then featured on Price’s social media pages and daily news.

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