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Uber by a Principal
Submitted by:
Jennifer Patterson
Uber by a Principal
Submitted by:
Jennifer Patterson
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The Vehicle is an Office Chair

Do your students want to ride in style from classroom to classroom? Well, forget UberBlack with its luxury Mercedes-Benzes, Cadillacs, and Jaguars.

No, no. There’s a new service now. Introducing: UberSchool. We predict that UberSchool will be the number one way to travel from classroom to classroom in school buildings everywhere.

Swerve between those slow hallway walkers. Avoid the annoyance of having to walk AND carry books at the same time. And look way too cool for school among your classmates.

When you “Uber by a Principal,” your school administrator navigates students in a desk chair to their next learning location. How fun!

How It Works

This reward comes to us from Jennifer Patterson, the Assistant Principal at Waller Middle School in Enid Public Schools.

Jennifer and her team have “Uber by A Principal” as a privilege students can purchase in their LiveSchool rewards store for 100 points.

As students earn points on their behavior rubric, which uses the EAGLES acronym, they can save up for this fun reward!

Here’s what Jennifer shared about the “Uber by a Principal:”

“We draw all kinds of attention to the student being pushed down the hallway! This is so fun for both the student AND the administrator!”

Fun for both – and free for schools. What more could you ask for?

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