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The Big Ticket
Submitted by:
Callie Daugherty
The Big Ticket
Submitted by:
Callie Daugherty
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Yeah! That's the ticket!

When it comes to things high school students have expensive taste. It’s going to be difficult to hold drawings for items like a PS5 or an Oculus on a regular basis for most schools. But they do covet one thing even more so than expensive things: freedom. For high schoolers, this means freedom of time, freedom of place, and freedom of choice!

Wirt’s Ticket options are both appropriate to the grade level and deeply valued by their students because the students at Wirt chose them!

The daily ticket options available to WCHS students through their LiveSchool Store are:

  • Leaving 5 Minutes early for Lunch
  • Free Entry to a Sporting Event
  • Missing Assignment Pass with Teacher Approval
  • Detention Pass with Administration Approval

How It Works

Most schools assign the job of sourcing rewards to staff members who have little time to carry it out – and often fewer funds than time!

That’s why the system Wirt settled on to run their LiveSchool store is beautifully simplistic and can be a template easily applied to High Schools everywhere!

The process is replicated on a bi-weekly basis and works like this:

  1. Student Council members stop by the office to retrieve an iPad and tickets for rewards on their way to lunch.
  2. They get their lunch and pull up the LiveSchool app on the iPad once they get seated.
  3. Their peers know that in order to make purchases they need to stop by the Student Council table and check out with them using the app.
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