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Teacher v Student Competition
Submitted by:
The Liveschool Team
Teacher v Student Competition
Submitted by:
The Liveschool Team
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Bend it like Beckham.

Calling all schools that have extremely competitive students and teachers, this one's for you.

Once students or Houses meet a goal, the students and teachers will go head to head in a friendly sporting event. The competition could involve any sport or activity and snacks can be provided or sold to the audience.

May the best team win! Not only will these engaging and fun school events re-energize your students and offset rigorous learning time, they will also provide new and innovative learning experiences for your school community.

How It Works

Teachers at Orondo Middle School in Wenatchee, Washington, decided to reward the students who earned the most behavior points with a pretty epic soccer game between teachers and students.

The first teams to participate (7 teachers, 11 7th graders, and two 6th grade referees) took the game very seriously. Students and teachers enjoyed this creative reward, building relationships between the players in the process. “It was such a close game that we delayed the start of the period after lunch a few minutes for the teachers to recompose themselves,” said 5th-grade teacher Mark Shorb.

But their efforts paid off! Teachers won the game 1-0, and the soccer game has gone down in Orondo Middle School history. This can easily be done with House Points too. You can even make it a tournament: every House competes, then the winning House plays the faculty.

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