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Surf Board Raffle
Submitted by:
Alice Larson
Surf Board Raffle
Submitted by:
Alice Larson
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Let’s catch some sick waves dude. 🌊

RB Hunt Elementary School, located on an island in St. John's, Florida, brings the island theme to life with this reward.

How It Works

Students can use their LiveSchool points to buy tickets for the year-end raffle, where they have a chance to win a surfboard. This event is a celebration for both the students and staff at RB Hunt and serves as a reminder of the positive behavior and interactions that took place throughout the school year, which is how students earn their LiveSchool points.

All students who have purchased a raffle ticket are invited to the cafeteria for the live draw. This event is filled with anticipation and excitement. Alice Larson, the Assistant Principal, shares:

"The kids love it and get so excited!"
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