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Katie Neumeier
Submitted by:
Katie Neumeier
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Easy, classic fun.

Stickers were always an easy way to motivate students in my class. And they're cheap, so it's a win-win!

I know it's not just my students either who love sticker.At Global Academy Charter School in Pennsylvania, stickers are one of their top school store items.

If you're in a 1:1 or blended learning school, stickers can also be digital. Free digital stickers can be found online or you can make your very own. Students collect these on their own slides or a teacher-made slide deck. Gotta collect them all! Whether you buy or make them, these tried and true incentives are still very popular.

How It Works

Redeem these and pass them out to students for positive behavior reinforcement or add them to your school store to purchase. Even teachers will love to decorate their laptop or notebook with them because they deserve stickers too!

How to get the most out of this reward:

  • Use it as a prize for your teachers that are giving out the most points.
  • Give it to the students who earned the most points each week!
  • Add it to your school store as a must have item for all your kids.
  • Use stickers as tickets to the next reward event. Talk about fun!
  • Keep a few for yourself because you deserve it.

This 10-pack of sticker sheets is a warm blue with bright white stickers that pop and beam positivity and it’s now available in our LiveSchool Community Rewards Store!  LiveSchool Community Points works just like your LiveSchool program with students. You perform certain 'behaviors,' receive a specified number of points, and spend them in the store. When you redeem your points for these stickers, we can ship them right to your school!

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