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Special Screening
Submitted by:
Elizabeth Holt
Special Screening
Submitted by:
Elizabeth Holt
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Welcome to the Main Event🎤

Every now and then the biggest days in sports happen to overlap with the school day. March Madness🏀, The Masters️⛳️ , The Winter Olympics⛷,  The World Cup️⚽️ , and The US Open🎾 immediately come to mind but there are many others! As a student who enjoys sports this can be a real bummer and even in some cases even result in a drop in attendance!

So how can you help? Set up a projector in the cafe’ and stream the big event during lunch! Once you have mastered your setup you can even stream Holiday movies during lunch all throughout December!

How It Works

Take a look at the sports calendar and map out a rewards schedule for the whole school. The World Cup is in November? Let your students know that the cafeteria has to be spotless in October if they want to watch during lunch in November!

How to get the most out of this reward:

  • Pair behaviors you value the most with the events your students value the most!
  • Do this as a surprise and announce that the big event is playing in honor of a student who has went above and beyond!
  • Put your expectations on slides that can loop on the days leading up to the big event!
  • Do a survey in your school to determine what events your students are interested in viewing outside of the obvious we mentioned above!

This reward originally appeared in our Webinar: How to Build a Student-Run Rewards Store, which was hosted by Elizabeth Holt of Von Tobel Middle School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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