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Snowball Fights (& Popsicles!)
Submitted by:
LaToya Cobb
Snowball Fights (& Popsicles!)
Submitted by:
LaToya Cobb
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School doesn’t have to be closed to have the most epic snowball fight of the year. Host a snowball fight in your school’s gym or cafeteria without the wet mess. This reward was submitted to us by LaToya Cobb, Principal at Amqui Elementary in the Metro Nashville Public School District

How It Works

Ready to host an unforgettable snowball fight? 

Start by purchasing your reusable snowballs that won’t do whatever snow does in summer (sorry Olaf). 

Then decide where the playing field will be and how many students can participate in the snowball fight. Since the snowballs are reusable you can chunk your groups of students and have different sessions for snowball fights. 

Students can cash in their points for entrance or you can reward the Winning House in the House Points Competition. 

After the snowball fight is over, students can enjoy a popsicle stick with their friends.

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