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Deiera Bennett
Submitted by:
Deiera Bennett
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Sweet or salty?

It’s a fact: kids love snacks. Who doesn't? Although Smart Snack regulations place limits on the types of food and drink students can purchase at school, there are plenty of tasty snacks and refreshing drinks that meet regulations.

Individual pieces of sugar-free candy and gum make great low-ticket items when students only have a few points to redeem.

You can also get more creative too! According to Kim Wood, the Behavior Specialist at Placer County's Office of Education, Ramen & Tapatio is the most popular reward in their LiveSchool store. Who would have thought? It honestly sounds pretty good though.

Hot Cheetos are the go-to option at Maple Park Middle School, as well as Airheads.

The good news is that these options are super cheap for your team but still 100% rewarding for students.

How It Works

It's easy! Add these to your LiveSchool store. You can get specific with the type of snacks in the store, or you can just have Snack as the reward and let students choose from what's available.

Some schools even charge students a flat rate to enter the store, then they can choose any snack item they want.

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