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Seat Swap
Submitted by:
Janie Pennell
Seat Swap
Submitted by:
Janie Pennell
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I’d like to upgrade my seat, please. 🙋

Many teachers use seating charts as their go-to solution for classroom management concerns. This means students all have assigned seats, generally away from their friends who could be distracting during class.

This practice generally works and makes the learning environment more suitable for learning…it also has the added benefit of making this reward choice extremely valuable to your students! If your seat is across the room from your friend there is no greater reward than swapping seats for the day to be by your friend.

How It Works

At Thales Academy, Janie Pennell gives students the opportunity to use 75 LiveSchool points to swap seats for the day. She even lets her class use their points on the same day so they can create groups of friends who have all saved their points to use them together!

This also has the added benefit of reinforcing your classroom expectations on seat swap days as students love the treat so much that they definitely don’t want to ruin it for next time!

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