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Seasonal Crafts
Submitted by:
Laura Bandimere
Seasonal Crafts
Submitted by:
Laura Bandimere
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Let’s get crafty

What’s better than a little Arts and Crafts time at school? Seasonal Arts and Crafts time at school! No matter the time of year, there are great options!

Your students would love to paint pumpkins, draw turkeys, create Christmas tree ornaments, or they might even want to send their very first Valentine. 💌

How It Works

Many students don't get opportunities to create crafts at home, so this will be special to them. Students who earn the reward are permitted to leave class and come to the library to create their crafts.

Laura Bandimere and her colleagues at Howard Elementary School obtain craft kits from Hobby Lobby to create a unique experience for their students. If you time it right, you can find kits on sale and stock up for next year!

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